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Lawn Care: Awaken Your Grass with "Green Up"

Lawn Care: Awaken Your Grass with "Green Up"

Posted by Grange Co-op on 12th Feb 2019


February in the Pacific Northwest may not show signs of warming temperatures, but if you look closely, you may spot the early growth of crocuses, daffodils, helleborus, or even pansies. The ground is beginning to warm, which means your lawn is beginning to wake up. During this time, your grass will be hungry! It needs feeding in order to strengthen its roots and launch into the growing season. Early spring is the ideal time to apply Rogue Fertilizer 9-3-6-18 Early Spring Green-Up with Iron. This fertilizer will add some much-needed nourishment to your lawn. We will discuss exactly what it does to provide this nutrition to lawns in this GrangeKnows article.

Lawn Care - Mowing the Lawn


February is the time to start giving your lawn a light dose of fertilizer including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, these elements are called NPK values:

  • Nitrogen controls much of your lawn’s growth. Without it, your grass cannot grow strong. Nitrogen is equally important for “greening up” a lawn.
  • Phosphorus is responsible for root growth. Roots are the foundation of any plant. Your grass is no exception. To grow a strong lawn, your grass roots must be equally as healthy as the visible part of the plant.
  • Potash (Potassium) improves the overall health of your grass and assists in disease resistance.

Rogue Green-Up is ideal for lawn care in February. Many lawns have begun to turn yellow as they’ve been depleted of nutrients throughout the winter months. However, you can easily change this by providing lawn care that will help your grass begin to look great once again, even when the weather is not.


Lawn Care- Fertilizing LawnBecause the weather can still feel like winter, the trick to lawn care at this time is turning your lawn a healthy green without making it grow exponentially. Avoid fertilizing for lawn growth or you’ll be mowing in the mud.

Rogue 9-3-6-18 Early Spring Green-Up with Iron is a Grange Co-op quality fertilizer containing iron, a favorite secret weapon of lawn care professionals and golf courses to produce dark, green grass. Iron also helps control moss and is the active ingredient in products such as Moss Out Lawn Granules .


The iron in this product is a staining iron. Be cautious of allowing it to come in contact with anything wet, as it will turn the surface red. Prevent damage by simply sweeping excess granules from dry sidewalks and concrete slabs back onto your lawn when finished.

*When using lawn treatments or lawn care products, always follow package directions regarding proper clothing, protective equipment, application procedures and safety precautions. When using herbicides, also make sure you understand which weeds the chemical treats and which desirable plants it may also kill.