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Rogue Quality Poultry Feeds and Rogue Nature’s Harmony Organic Feeds are formulated and produced in Central Point, Oregon, and have been for over 70 years! The Grange Co-op feed mill is certified for producing organic feeds. We’ve got lots of great information about our individual feeds on our website, but sometimes you just want to know what product people are using the most. So here are the results of a good old-fashioned popularity contest to throw into the mix when you’re deciding what Poultry Feed to buy.

#1 -Our best-seller is Rogue Quality Feeds All In One. All In One is a complete and balanced poultry feed for Growing Poultry, Laying Hens, Turkeys, and Game Birds. It’s manufactured as a crumble, which helps eliminate feed waste. Rogue Quality Feeds All In One is available in 2 bag sizes: 25 pounds (25AIO) and 50 pounds (50AIO). Click on any of the links to learn more and place an order to have Rogue Quality Feeds All In One delivered right to your door!

#2 -The silver medal in our poultry feed popularity contest goes to Rogue Quality Feeds Egg Pellets. The Egg Pellets formula features added Flaxseed for optimum Omega 3:Omega 6 ratio, and is designed for mature laying hens. Pullets should be switched to Egg Pellets when they reach 18-20 weeks of age. Rogue Quality Feeds Egg Pellets is available in 25 pound bags (25EP) and 50 pound bags (50EP). Click on a link to learn more and get the feed with the perfect layer nutrients on the way to your laying hens!

#3 -Rogue Quality Feeds Hen Scratch features all natural grains and is a versatile, traditional feed for all types of backyard birds. A blend of cracked corn and whole wheat, Rogue Quality Feeds Hen Scratch is available in 50 pound bags (50HS). To learn more and place an order to have Rogue Quality Feeds Hen Scratch on the way today, click the link!

#4 -It doesn’t get much simpler than Rogue Quality Feeds Cracked Corn. Here’s the list of ingredients: Cracked Corn. It’s a high energy, low protein product and can be fed where protein requirements are not a concern. In addition to poultry, Rogue Quality Feeds Cracked Corn is one of the most popular grains fed to livestock. Like All In One and Hen Scratch, Rogue Quality Feeds Cracked Corn is available in 25lb (25CC) and 50lb (50CXC) bags. Click a link and order today.

#5 - The last spot in our Top 5 Rogue Poultry Feeds belongs to a member of our CERTIFIED ORGANIC selection: Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Layer Pellets. A Certified Organic poultry LAYER ration with added calcium for egg shell quality, Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Layer Pellets is manufactured in a pellet form. All-Natural Nutrition. All organic grains used are Certified Organic by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture. When you want the best in organic feed for your laying hens, order Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic Layer Pellets. Available in 40lb bags (40OLP). Click today and it’s on the way!
For our full online selection of Rogue Quality Feeds and Rogue Nature's Harmony Organic feeds, click here.
February 26, 2000
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