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Posted by Grange Co-op on 9th May 2023

Nothing is more satisfying than canning food that you’ve grown and lining up the canning jars in the pantry. Preserving food might be a family tradition that you watched your parents or grandparents do when you were a kid. People have been canning food in jars since the early 1800s. Unfortunately, poorly designed pressure cookers and improper canning practices led to serious illnesses and injuries. Toda… Read more
Is canning and preserving fruits and vegetables worth the effort? In one enthusiastic word: YES! Think of it this way: Which would you prefer? Fruits and vegetables grown far away and commercially canned through processes that add chemicals, additives, and preservatives? Or would you prefer produce grown in your own garden or purchased from a local farmers market that you can preserve yourself free of harmful additives? Canning your… Read more