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Rate of Gain Champion on the Local Social

Rate of Gain Champion on the Local Social

Posted by Grange Co-op on 4th Oct 2022

Rate pf Gain Grange Co-op would like to introduce you to Bodie Johnson! Bodie is currently a Sophomore in high school. During the 2022 Jackson County Fair he received the title of Rate of Gain Champion for his steer! Grange Co-op was able to talk with Bodie about his experience and how he earned his championship title while only feeding Rogue Feed!

As Bodie’s first year in 4-H as part of Wagner Valley beef club, he knew there would be some challenges and a lot to learn. He was able to juggle both school and caring for his steer both mornings before school as well as in the evening once he was home. This included walking, grooming, feeding and more. Before raising his project steer he did not have a lot of experience with animals, he learned that there is continual learning, challenges, and growth through this process as his steer also grows and changes.

Rate of GainSo how did Bodie earn his Rate of Gain Championship?  Bodie fed hay along with only Grange Co-op Rogue Feed! He fed both rice bran and All Pro Text twice a day. In the two weeks between weigh-ins right before fair Bodie’s steer gained 185Lbs. He said he had always heard good things about Rogue Feed and knew it was a good price for good quality feed without breaking the bank. He appreciates Grange Co-op always has what he needs and the employees are always happy to see him and answer any questions he may have. Grange Co-op is excited to hear Rogue Feed was a main staple in raising his project steer and finding his way to a champion title.

Rate of Gain Champ

Bodie plans to continue to participate in 4-H as well as find more agriculture opportunities. He plans on raising another steer as well as trying his luck raising a lamb for the first time. His favorite part about being part of 4-H was getting to show his steer. He said he was proud to show what he had been working so hard on, the key was to keep your confidence up and be proud of all the hard work put into your project. Aside from raising his steer Bodie enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting.

It is exciting to hear about all the hard work and dedication these young adults are putting towards their project. Grange Co-op always wants to support youth in agriculture, it is great to hear Rogue Feed is helping kids reach their goals! Grange Co-op wants to say a big congratulations to Bodie on his accomplishment and for taking the time to tell us all about his experience.

Grange Co-op Rogue Feed can be found online for more information, or talk to one of our livestock experts at each location!