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Posted by Grange Co-op on 4th Oct 2022

Grange Co-op would like to introduce you to Bodie Johnson! Bodie is currently a Sophomore in high school. During the 2022 Jackson County Fair he received the title of Rate of Gain Champion for his steer! Grange Co-op was able to talk with Bodie about his experience and how he earned his championship title while only feeding Rogue Feed! As Bodie’s first year in 4-H as part of Wagner Valley beef club, he knew there would be some challenges and… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 18th Jul 2022

Twin Pear Farm on the Local Social  Twin Pear Farm, located in Jacksonville, Oregon is a growing Nigerian Dwarf goat farm. Recently, Grange Co-op had the opportunity to visit the farm at milking time, go on a tour, and learn about their daily practices. The owner of ‘Twin Pear Farm’, Westi Haughey, explained that the name came from the two old pear trees located together on their property. History shows these twin pear trees are at least… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 16th Mar 2022

Grange Co-op is continuously pursuing opportunities to help support agriculture in our communities. There are so many ways individuals of any age can get involved in agricultural programs! For example, this doesn’t always require working directly with animals, but rather, it can include other opportunities such as being a representative and advocate for agriculture. An outreach initiative we recently learned more about is the Miss United State… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 27th Jan 2022

Grange Co-op, a community partner for eighty-eight years, worked together with customers, members, and employees to donate over $175,000 to youth in agriculture. Of the $175,000 Grange Co-op donated over $75,000 to local 4-H and FFA organizations. “Grange Co-op works to fulfill the cooperative model of helping our community. It’s because of our great customers and members that we can help so many,” states Jason Wall, Marketing Manager. … Read more