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Posted by Grange Co-op on 28th Dec 2022

Confining a dog to the backyard might seem like a simple concept. All you need is a fence and your dog is safe and secure, right? The problem is that dogs get bored or lonely, and they start to look for ways out. If they are determined and have enough time outside, they will probably be successful. Some dogs are especially talented as escape artists. Like Houdini, the most complex dog fence won't hold them. What they can’t dig under, th… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 21st Jun 2022

Backyard ponds have become an important landscaping feature. They come with a lot of benefits, and most require minimal maintenance. There are different types of ponds, all of which have some requirements for keeping them clean and healthy.Types of Backyard Ponds There are many different types of ponds that you can choose from, each beautiful in its own way, however, you might base your choice on your location, or what you want to accomplish… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 3rd May 2022

Chicken Coop Buying Guide Whether this is your first-time raising chickens, or you’re ready to expand your flock, Grange Co-op is here to help you find the coop to best fit your flock’s needs the best! Grange Co-op has many different chicken coops available to take home to your flock. Keep reading as we cover details from many of our customer’s favorite coops, as well as some additional products you may need when caring for your flock. &nb… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 6th Apr 2022

A hanging basket is a beautiful touch to accent any home and garden. With a variety of plant combinations available at your local Grange Co-op, you can arrange an eye-catching basket in just a couple minutes. Reference the video included to see just how easy it is to arrange your own basket or read more in the details below. Choose the type of plants you prefer for the space the basket will be hung. It’s important to choose plants th… Read more