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Chicken Coop Buying Guide

Chicken Coop Buying Guide

Posted by Grange Co-op on 3rd May 2022

Chicken Coop Buying Guide

Whether this is your first-time raising chickens, or you’re ready to expand your flock, Grange Co-op is here to help you find the coop to best fit your flock’s needs the best! Grange Co-op has many different chicken coops available to take home to your flock. Keep reading as we cover details from many of our customer’s favorite coops, as well as some additional products you may need when caring for your flock.  

Some of the basic products you will need to go along with your brand-new coop include:  

  • Chicken feeder -Hanging feeders save floor space, reduce waste by eliminating scratching and cuts down on debris in the feed. 
  • Chicken waterer - A 3 gallon will allow for automatic refills, while a translucent plastic container will let you see where the water level is.  
  • Heat Lamp – This will be essential if you are bringing brand new chicks home, as well as to keep your flock warm in the winter. 
  • Bedding – stay away from using cedar to keep your chickens healthy.  

Here are some additional products we recommend including as well:  

  • Chicken information book - This will help you with all aspects of owning chickens you may come across!  
  • Bug control such as Diatomaceous Earth - This is a great natural product that will help keep your chickens happy and healthy.  
  • Bogs, or chicken printed Sloggers - Rain or shine you will be ready to care for your chickens and collect fresh eggs.  
  • Chicken treats - Chickens deserve to be spoiled too! They will see you and come running, knowing you have treats! 

You can find all your chicken needs at Grange Co-op, as well as ask our knowledgeable employees any questions you may have! The chicken coops available are the Cape Cod, Carriage Coop, Chicken Shanty, Pioneer Hutch, and the Rustic Ranch. Each coop has removable pieces for easy cleaning and an outside run to let your flock enjoy fresh air while also staying protected from predators.  

Cape Cod

This chicken coop is perfect for a smaller flock consisting of about four birds. The dimensions of the Cape Cod are 62” X 32” X 42”. The benefit of this fir wood coop is the quick assembly and removable pieces make for easy cleaning. It is important for your chickens to have fresh air. If your flock is not able to have the option to free range, the outside run is a great way to provide your flock access to fresh air, green grass, and forage for bugs!  

Chicken Coop

Carriage House Coop:

The Carriage Coop has a great amount of protected outdoor space for your chickens to enjoy! There is a full pull-out pan for easy cleaning, roosting bars, and four nesting boxes. The plastic roof is waterproof so your flock will stay protected and dry even in the rainy season. This coop is a little larger than the Cape Cod providing space for about five birds, with dimensions of 59” X 76” X 46”. 

Chicken Shanty:

This fun sea foam colored coop will be a great addition to your yard! It has a spacious protected outdoor run, a waterproof shingle roof, and easy cleaning access! The roof lifts for easy access inside to refill food, water, and collect your farm fresh eggs. The Chicken Shanty is a great space for a flock of five or six birds with dimensions 83” X 60” X 47”.  

Pioneer Hutch:

The Pioneer Hutch is a classic-looking chicken coop. The shingle roof is waterproof, on the side there is easy access to the nesting boxes to collect eggs, and a protected outdoor run. The front door is complete with a window view! This coop is the smallest at 62” X 24” X 33”, fitting a flock of three birds comfortably.  

Rustic Ranch:

If you’re searching for a modern looking chicken coop, this gray and white Rustic Ranch chicken coop is the one for you. There are metal pull-out pans for easy cleaning, a waterproof shingle roof, and extra ventilation. From the outside there is easy access into the coop as well. This coop is a 79” X 39” X 47” which would fit your flock of about four birds.  

Chicken Coop

All coops are available on Grange Co-op’s website where you can view sizes, product photos, and important details. There are a variety of coops available in many different sizes and colors; find the perfect fit for your styling, and the wellbeing of your flock, at your local Grange Co-op today!