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Posted by Grange Co-op on 2nd Feb 2016

I know, it’s the middle of winter…but spring nesting season begins at the end of February and/or beginning of March for many species. Tree swallows returned to my house on March 12th last year. I always recommend having your nesting boxes up, cleaned out, and repaired if necessary by the end of February for those early scouts. Do you need a new nesting box this year? Our Wild Bird Country departments have a nice selection of birdhouses from… Read more

Posted by Grange Co-op on 1st Feb 2016

The first step in choosing a bird house is to assess what type of habitat you live in and therefore, what birds might be inclined to use your nest box. Please note: Not all birds will use a nest box. Only birds that naturally nest in cavities of trees will use a box. Many of the birds that come to your feeders, such as Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, House Finch, Sparrows, Towhees, Juncos, Mourning Doves, and Hummingbirds make their own nest out… Read more