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Spring Nesting Is Coming Soon!

Spring Nesting Is Coming Soon!

Posted by Grange Co-op on 2nd Feb 2016

I know, it’s the middle of winter…but spring nesting season begins at the end of February and/or beginning of March for many species. Tree swallows returned to my house on March 12th last year. I always recommend having your nesting boxes up, cleaned out, and repaired if necessary by the end of February for those early scouts. Do you need a new nesting box this year? Our Wild Bird Country departments have a nice selection of birdhouses from which to choose.

I usually add at least one box every year. This way I expand my bird habitat and possibly provide new spaces for last year’s babies to return to their fledgling area to build their own nest. Remember, nesting boxes are species specific. The type of habitat that surrounds your house will determine what species of birds will most likely look to raise young near you. Our staff will be glad to help you find a bird house appropriate for your habitat.