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Since 1934, Grange Co-op Ag Members and Partners have received millions of dollars in dividends. Proven to be a stable, visionary company, Grange Co-op has continued to adapt to meet the growing needs of our customers. With our Agricultural Membership or Partner Program, you will not only enjoy great values, but share in Grange Co-op’s profits as well.

What are Dividends?

Dividends are profits that are returned back to our Ag Members and Partners in direct proportion to the amount of their Grange Co-op purchases. The Board of Directors determines the dividend percentage based on the profitability the co-op achieves.

†For illustrative purposes only. Dividend rate varies each year based on annual profitability. Dividend checks are typically mailed out in April. Total equity credit for Agricultural Members revolves out in 10-11 years, Partner revolve time is undetermined. Dividends are only declared in profitable years.

Can Anyone Receive Dividends?

Yes. Since farmer/rancher members changed Grange Co-op policy, thousands of customers have taken advantage of our Grange Rewards Program by signing up as an Ag Member or a Partner.

How Can I Receive Dividends?

Grange Co-op provides two ways to earn dividends. The first way is to enroll in our Partner Program. The second way is to qualify and become an Agricultural Member of the cooperative. Both ways to qualify and earn dividends are summarized below.

Partner Program

  • Everyone can apply for dividends
  • Partner Dividends may be paid in the following calendar year for those purchasing $500 or more annually
  • Typically, 20% of the dividend is paid in cash and 80% is paid in equity credits
  • There are no voting rights associated with the Partner Program
  • A one-time membership fee of $20 provides lifetime benefits
  • $5.00 discount for membership in another co-op, including credit unions
  • Fee waived for eligible students enrolled in 4-H, FFA, or equine programs
  • Fee waived for Military Veterans
  • Dividends may be subject to taxation (if you deduct your Grange Co-op purchases on your taxes)

Agricultural Member Dividends*

  • Membership is for full and part-time farmers and ranchers
  • Dividends may be paid in the following calendar year for those purchasing $500 or more annually
  • Typically, 30% of the dividend is paid in cash and 70% is paid in equity credits
  • Equity credits are retired at the discretion of the Board of Directors and currently average 10 to 12 years
  • Agricultural Members have voting rights
  • A one-time $100 membership fee provides lifetime benefits
  • Dividends are subject to taxation (if you deduct your Grange Co-op purchases on your taxes)

* All transactions processed with your account number in the year your application is submitted will be recognized for dividend purposes. Cash transactions processed prior to the assignment of your account number will not be included when computing dividends. Please provide your account number to our sales personnel when your merchandise is purchased regardless of the form of your payment, to properly record your Grange Rewards activity.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for Membership or as a Partner by filling out a simple application available at any Grange Co-op location, or by clicking on one of the links above. For more information about the Grange Co-op Rewards Program, please call (541) 664-1261 or visit our main office located at 2833 N. Pacific Highway in Medford, OR 97501.