Goodnature Small CO2 Powered A24 Rat & Stoat Trap Kit

  • Safe
  • Automatic
  • Easy to use
  • Made to last
  • Constant control
  • Humane
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The Goodnature rat & stoat trap automatically kills 24 rats or stoats (and mice) - one after the other, before you need to replace the gas canister. When the pest tries to reach the lure inside the trap, they brush past a trigger which fires a piston, killing them instantly. The piston retracts and resets ready for the next pest.

Each A24 rat & stoat trap comes with a pump that refreshes the lure automatically for six months.

  • Safe- Toxin-free and safe around pets and native birds
  • Automatic- Resets itself 24 times per CO2 canister. More bangs for your buck
  • Easy to use- Easy to set up and move around without getting your hands dirty
  • Made to last- Designed for the toughest environmental conditions
  • Constant control- Keeps on top of your pests for you, one after another
  • Humane- Our traps kill pests instantly without a doubt – no mucking
  • Strikes Per Canister: 24
  • Kit: A24 Trap


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