Rogue Unicorn Feed



Generations of blood, sweat and tears have gone into Farmer Tom’s Ranch. We had the privilege of interviewing Tom as he provided valuable insight on Grange Co-op’s new line of Rogue Feed, formulated with his specific herd in mind.


It’s backbreaking work raising animals, especially mystical creatures. At Grange Co-op, we recognize this, considering the sensitive and unique dietary needs of all animals. Which is why we are proud to now offer Rogue Unicorn Feed in all Grange Co-op retail stores!


Yes, you read that correctly. Rogue Unicorn Feed, the sweet and salty snack mix exclusive to Grange Co-op is available for all! Prepared fresh and securely packaged to ensure you receive a great-tasting snack mix with every order.

Rogue Unicorn Feed Snack Mix 3.5 oz



Rogue Unicorn Feed Snack Mix 9 oz