Starbar Bite Free Stable Adhesive Fly Trap

  • Designed to attract and trap stable flies
  • Traps over 8,000 biting stable flies
  • 360º of effective trapping surface
  • Most effective in the biting fly zone, up to 4' off the ground
  • Scientifically proven
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Bite Free Stable Fly Traps are scientifically proven to help effectively trap flies that feed on your animals. When sunlight shines through, flies are drawn to the shimmering, translucent surface. Bite Free Stable Fly Traps have a weatherproof adhesive surface that won’t melt or wash away.

  • Easy-to-use fly control trap
  • Fly control for the low level of barns and outdoor areas
  • Flies are attracted to translucent surface when sunlight shines through
  • Application method - trap
Insects Controlled
  • Flies
  • House Flies
  • Stable Flies
Application Areas
  • Outdoor

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