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How to Attract Birds to Your Birdbath

How to Attract Birds to Your Birdbath

Posted by Grange Co-op on 2nd May 2023

A bird bath makes a beautiful addition to your patio, garden, or backyard. While it is a lovely addition to any decor, the real pleasure comes from watching the birds splash happily in the water. Some bird enthusiasts are disappointed when there aren’t any visitors to their new bath.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your new birdbath doesn’t go unnoticed:

1. Find the Best Place to Put It

Place the birdbath near a bush or tree. The shade will help keep the water cooler. It also gives them a place to escape if a predator comes by. However, don’t put the birdbath close to shrubs that can provide access for the neighborhood cats.

Also, avoid placing the birdbath too close to a window. Many experts recommend giving birds at least 3 feet of takeoff space, but more is better. You can set the bird bath about 25 feet away from the window and still have a good view. Putting special decals on the windows will also help prevent birds from colliding with the glass.

2. Add Just Enough Water

When you see birds splashing in the water, it’s typically in shallow puddles after it rains. Too much water is a threat to their safety. Make sure the water in your bird bath is no more than 2 inches deep at the center of the bird bath.

The best bowls grow gradually deeper in the middle or have a textured bottom that lets water pool. Birds like to wade in to find the best depth for their needs. If you have a larger bird bath that is even all the way across, put rocks or sticks in it that allow them to perch.

3. Choose the Perfect Bird Bath

Bird baths are a big deal in garden décor! There are many styles and sizes to suit a wide range of tastes and needs. The type you choose will depend partly on where you plan to put it and how much space you have. Some of the most common types available include:

Bowl With Stand — These highly decorative bird baths make a stunning addition to any outdoor area. Choose the bowl that you want and get the stand separately. This allows you to customize it to fit your location.

Tabletop — These baths are usually small and can be placed on the deck, on a small table, or in a small yard.

Hanging — A hanging bath is easy to install. Simply hang it in a sturdy tree, on a pole, or on your deck.

Pedestal — A pedestal bath is a more traditional design with a matching base and bowl. They are often larger and heavier than some more decorative glass designs.

One Piece — Bird baths made from one piece of material might have a design similar to the traditional pedestal baths or something more intriguing, such as a mermaid or an owl.

To get the perfect bird bath for your outdoors, determine where you will put it. Which area will make birds feel safe and comfortable? Then, you can choose the style that fits the spot.

4. Add Motion

Birds prefer moving water to that sitting stagnant in a bowl. Adding a bird bath fountain, drip, or bubbler will get the water moving and get the birds’ attention. This is especially true if you want to attract hummingbirds to your bath. They prefer drops or mist instead of splashing around. Add twigs for them to perch on while they preen their feathers after a bath.

5. Keep It Clean

It doesn’t take long for a bath to get dirty — especially if it has a lot of visitors. Not only do you need to change the water every two or three days, but it must also be cleaned and disinfected. Use vinegar and water to clean the bath whenever you change the water. This keeps it safe from bacteria, algae, and bird droppings for the birds and any family members or pets that might be around it. Never use soaps or detergents that can be toxic to birds.

6. Make Your Yard Bird Friendly

No matter how inviting your new bird bath is, it probably isn’t enough to attract birds on its own. They also need food, good nesting spots, and safe shelter. Put up some bird feeders and birdhouses where they can nest and raise their young. Grow plants that provide nuts, berries, and seeds they can forage. Make your yard a favorite bird hangout, and your bird bath will be the center of attention.

How to Build a Stand for Your New Bird Bath

If you prefer something unique, there are lots of ideas for making a DIY bird bath in your backyard. Use a terra cotta saucer for the bowl and a tomato cage for the stand. Use wire cutters to cut the tomato cage to the desired height. Secure the stand into the ground and place a large rock in the bowl to keep it secure. If you wish, paint the stand with outdoor paint, or leave it like it is.

Grange Co-op Has What You Need for a Backyard Bird Haven

At Grange Co-op, we offer an extensive line of bird baths in a wide range of styles. Browse our bird feeders and feed to help keep your backyard birds healthy and happy. We’re always happy to help! Please contact us with any questions.