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Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Posted by Grange Co-op on 16th Nov 2015

MALE: Deep blue on head, throat, back, wings and tail; deep rusty-red on breast, shoulder patch and flanks, usually shows chestnut patch on back; blue-washed white belly and undertail coverts.

FEMALE: Paler than male, grey throat, buffy breast, grayish blue head and back, light blue wings and tail, white eye-ring.

Western Blue BirdNESTING:

In cavities: natural tree cavity, abandoned woodpecker hole, or birdhouse 2-50ft. above the ground. Nest consists of available natural and artificial materials including weed stems, grasses, often feathers. Female incubates 5-8 pale blue eggs. 1-2 broods per year.


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Feeds from perches, dropping down to the ground to catch insects. Also catches insects in the air and while hovering. Picks small fruits from trees and shrubs. May visit bird feeders for berries, raisins, peanut butter mixes, and mealworms.


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Found in a variety of habitats, from agricultural land to clear-cuts. Forest edges, open Douglas fir, pine forests, wooded riparian areas, oak woodlands, areas with snags, farmlands and lowlands in winter.


West of the Cascades it competes with the European Starling and House Sparrow for nesting cavities. Bluebird trails, consisting of many nest boxes, were begun in the 1970s due to conservation efforts of national and local bluebird societies and have helped to stabilize populations. A courting male will fly in front of female, spreading wings and tail, then perch next to her. Often seen going in and out of nest box or cavity while ‘shopping for real estate’ in which to raise a brood.


Mountain Bluebird is a lighter sky blue overall and lacking rusty breast.

Male Lazuli Bunting is smaller and has white wing bars.

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