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Rogue Quality Feeds on the Local Social

Rogue Quality Feeds on the Local Social

Posted by Grange Co-op on 4th Aug 2023

Since 1947 in Central Point, Oregon, the Grange Co-op grain elevator has stood tall, dominating the skyline of this community. The grain elevator is a hub of activity, with staff working tirelessly to produce, bag, and ship out Rogue Quality Feeds. Despite its unassuming location, the grain elevator is a critical part of this region's agricultural industry, providing farmers and ranchers with the resources they need to care for their animals with bulk totes or individual bags.   

The grain elevator has a rich history, marked by a significant setback. Just 14 years after its construction, the building was engulfed in flames. However, Grange Co-op remained committed to serving the local farming community. Through hard work and unwavering dedication, the grain elevator was rebuilt and stands today as a testament to Grange Co-op's resilience and its ongoing support of agriculturalists across the west coast.  

Stepping inside the elevator, one is greeted by the smell of fresh grains and feed mixtures. Despite the vast scale of the operation, there is a sense of order and precision in the Grain Elevator, with every task executed carefully and with attention to detail. Each step is no more important than the other, from start to finish, Grange Co-op employees meticulously oversee the production process. They transform corn, grains, and added proteins into a diverse range of nutritious blends that cater to the specific needs of various animals.   


What sets Rogue Quality Feed apart from other feeds on the market has to be the care and accuracy Grange Co-op puts into its production process. Each step of the production process requires the team to adhere to regulations, carefully select the right nutrients, and prioritize safety at every stage. The local production helps provide quality conventional and organic feed at an affordable price, without losing out on any nutrients.   


Cory Sandborn, the Feed Mill Manager has been an integral part of the Grange Co-op family for over five years. His profound appreciation for the role Rogue Quality Feeds plays in the local community is evident.

Sandborn emphasized the pride they take in locally produced feeds. Batches of feed are often available at Grange Co-op locations within two days of production, ensuring customers across southern Oregon and northern California receive high-quality and fresh feed.  


Sandborn emphasized the significance of providing cost-effective, quality products locally, which aligns with Grange Co-op's commitment to its community.  

Whether it’s helping support other local businesses like Rogue Creamery or helping provide feed for FFA and 4H members, Rogue Quality Feed is a staple in our commitment to the community.  


For over seven decades, a pivotal role in supporting the agricultural industry, Grange Co-op has provided essential resources and high-quality feeds to farmers and ranchers. With a committed team and a strong sense of community, Grange Co-op continues to make a lasting impact. Find a Rogue Quality Feed to meet your needs at any of our seven retail locations.