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The Rabbit Breed that Best Fits You

The Rabbit Breed that Best Fits You

Posted by Grange Co-op on 15th Jan 2019

Interested in learning which rabbit breed is best for you? Learn which types of rabbits are available and popular:

  • Mini Rex is a smaller version of the standard Rex. They are known for their fur, which feels like velvet. This is due to their guard hairs being the same length as their under coat. This rabbit breed max out at 4.5 pounds and have a nice temperament.
  • Holland Lops are the smallest rabbit breed of lops, maxing out at 4.5 pounds. They are cute and generally have a nice temperament.
  • Mini Lops are the next size up in lops at around 6.5 pounds. They look similar to a Holland lop, but have larger ears and a longer body. They sit much flatter than a Holland lop.
  • Dutch rabbits are a slightly larger breed at around 6 pounds. They are very striking to look at because of their markings.
  • Lion Head rabbits come in single or double mane. The breed was developed using the Netherland Dwarf and can have a bit of an attitude. Being the newest rabbit breed to be recognized by the ARBA, they are popular. They stay small at 2.5 - 4 pounds when full grown.