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Pacific Home and Garden Pottery at Grange Co-op

Pacific Home and Garden Pottery at Grange Co-op

Posted by Grange Co-op on 15th Jul 2021

Grange Co-op is proud to provide you with pottery from Pacific Home and Garden, a premium pottery supplier providing a multitude of sizes and colors. All H&G Pottery is frostproof, and of high quality, resistant to cracking in the winter with the recommended due care. One of their most popular and well-known lines of pottery, the Le Beau collection, is the symbol of high design and luxury in the garden market. Over the last 20 years, H&G Pottery has partnered with one of the best family-owned factories in Vietnam and developed a line of uniquely designed and well-produced outdoor glazed earthenware for the North American market. Designers, landscape architects and professionals are featuring Le Beau planters in many high-end residential properties, hotels and commercial buildings. The Le Beau Collection can also be found in many exclusive garden centers and nurseries, such as Grange Co-op. Le Beau is beautifully inspired by French aesthetics, coastal living and the tropical rainforest. The line offers a varied color palette that includes quintessential coastal turquoise, modern matte black, soothing white satin and bright warm cobalt. The designs are simple formations with smooth flowing lines in an assortment of shapes. These high-fired frost-proof garden vessels will bring long-lasting beauty to your life.

While most of the pottery suppliers in the world source from Asia, Pacific Home and Garden Pottery partners with factories who serve only them. Since they own 100% of factory production they are able to streamline the process of importing, exporting, and distributing throughout North America.

  1. H&G Pottery has partnered with their factories for 20+ years and work with glaze, mold makers, and factory managers, directly to design, develop, and produce their own lines of pottery.
  2. H&G Pottery factories are the best in their regions and have handcraft pottery for generations. This is their foundation. For instance, Le Beau was the original production factory for Eshbach from Germany. The best outdoor line in the world for over 20 years.
  3. H&G Pottery pioneered the creation of larger, outdoor-style planters in ceramics from Vietnam. Catering to the American market for almost 20 years.
  4. H&G Pottery is shaped and glazed to suit American culture, lifestyle, and environment. All pottery is tested and redesigned to reflect the changes in taste and need for H&G’s markets.

Why Pacific Home and Garden Pottery is so different?

  1. The clay formulas are mixed and refined, while all other factories in Vietnam use a simple mix of raw clays.
  2. H&G Pottery uses different clay for different color formulas because the chemicals required to achieve different colors react differently to different clay formulas. Because of this, the clay cost is much higher than other factories.
  3. H&G Pottery glazes use secret family traditions handed down for many generations to achieve their unique, one-of-a-kind look.
  4. H&G Pottery uses superior, more expensive chemicals from around the globe. Because of this, glaze production cost is higher than others.
  5. Wood kilns are uneven in temperature. H&G Pottery position different colors of glaze in the kiln to achieve the best result. Unfortunately, the success rate is lower than most other factories, with an average of only 80% of products reaching the ideal color range. This means a 20% rejection rate. This is a technical challenge but subsequently creates a product that is nearly impossible for others to duplicate. This is one of the reasons why no other pottery suppliers can achieve the range of deep, rich, colors the way H&G Pottery can.

Are Pacific Home and Garden pottery prices extremely expensive?

No. Despite the cost of production being higher, H&G pottery prices are very reasonable and have good value. Because of their partnership and year-round production with factories, it helps save money, and offer the best pricing. H&G exports, imports and distributes in one body, streamlining operations with minimum involvement between production and buyers.

Grange Co-op is a proud supplier of quality goods. For more information or recommendations for your lawn and garden needs, along with the superior products from Pacific Home and Garden Pottery, visit us in-store or online today.