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Lee Valley Dairy on the Local Social

Lee Valley Dairy on the Local Social

Posted by Grange Co-op on 4th Mar 2022

Rogue Feed Delivery

Grange Co-op has the pleasure of delivering large amounts of feed to many of the farms and dairies within Oregon! From Grange Co-op's grain elevator, a regular delivery stop is Lee Valley Farm located in Coquille, Oregon. We had the opportunity to speak with Bob Ross who started Lee Valley Dairy in 1982 and has continued to grow the dairy throughout the years.

Bob took the time to tell us some of his story as a fifth-generation dairy farmer, as well as tell us about Lee Valley Dairy. Bob’s Great-Great-Grandfather started the first dairy in Coos County, and it wasn’t long before Bob followed in his family’s footsteps. Bob moved to Coquille to start his own dairy in 1982 at the age of 22. When Bob started in the Lee Valley area there were 94 dairies, today there are astonishingly only 7 remaining. Lee Valley Dairy began with 600 acres and 100 head of cattle, they have continued to grow and are now milking 290 cows daily.

Grange Co-op delivers an organic custom Rogue ration made specifically for Lee Valley Dairy, as well as an organic calf textured feed, once a week. Bob mentioned how each cow is fed 17 pounds of Rogue Feed daily.

That is roughly 4,900 pounds of Rogue Feed given to Bob’s livestock daily! An advantage of the dairy’s location on the coast allows the cattle access to a grass-based diet. The cattle graze off pastures around 8 months out of the year and are supplemented with Rogue Feed as needed. It is important to Bob that Grange Co-op is willing to go through the work to provide an all-organic feed Lee Valley Dairy feels good about using. Grange Co-op's high standards and commitment to farm and ranch communities make this possible.

Grange Co-op Truck

Lee Valley’s organic milk is used by Organic Valley for different dairy products such as milk and butter. Look for their products next time you are in grocery stores such as Albertsons, Walmart, Fred Meyer, Safeway, and many other health and organic grocery stores to name a few.

By purchasing Organic Valley products, you are supporting a local dairy as well as Grange Co-op! It is a privilege to help support and teach about local dairies in our area! You can read more about local farms in our series, The Local Social, available on our website.