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Grange Co-op to distribute equity to members

Grange Co-op to distribute equity to members

Posted by Grange Co-op on 13th Nov 2015

CENTRAL POINT, OR — Grange Co-op has paid out the remaining member equity from the year 2004, which approximates $230,000. Checks are being mailed to qualifying agricultural members this week.

“We thank all of our loyal members for the continued trust you have placed in Grange Co-op and making this equity retirement possible. Grange Co-op and its members are committed to improving and expanding the cooperative to benefit existing customers and thousands of additional customers annually throughout the Northwest and across the nation,” said Barry Robino, Grange Co-op CEO.

Membership is for full and part-time farmers and ranchers. When a dividend is declared: 20-30% is typically paid in cash and 70-80% is allocated in equity credits. Patrons purchasing $500 or more in a calendar year qualify for a dividend.

Thanks to the support of its patrons, Grange Co-op was able to donate to many worthwhile causes in the community throughout 2015, including the purchase of 31 animals at Jr. Livestock Auctions in many southern Oregon and northern California counties. Grange Co-op also plans to purchase a truckload (40,000 lbs.) of Klamath basin potatoes as well as several hundred pounds of cheese from Rogue Creamery and donate these items to local food banks in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, and Coos counties later this Fall.

Grange Co-op was founded in 1934 when 99 farmers contributed $10 each to buy property, a truck and gasoline. The Company offers high-quality agricultural supplies, farm products, pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, apparel and footwear, and petroleum products. Grange Co-op works hard to consistently provide exceptional customer service that is both knowledgeable and friendly, while offering competitive pricing and quality products and services. Grange Co-op has grown since 1934 to include eight retail stores, a grain elevator, an agronomy center, a cardlock fueling Station, as well as eCommerce. For more information about Grange Co-op and to shop online, please visit