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Flowering Cabbage & Kale

Flowering Cabbage & Kale

Posted by Grange Co-op on 30th Aug 2015

Information on Flowering Cabbage & Kale

The highly ornamental, brightly colored versions of cabbage and kale are grown for their flashy colors throughout the cool-season. They make good companions with winter pansies from fall to spring, and they require the same growing conditions as conventional cabbage and kale. They also grow well in containers; however, when planting smaller plants in fall, do not expect them to catch up with larger individuals – they tend to remain compact through the cool season.

The colors on these interesting plants become more intense after frosts have begun. Wait to plant them until warm ‘Indian summer’ weather is past.

The foliage of ‘flowering’ cabbage and kale is edible (although somewhat strong flavored) and makes a striking garnish on the winter table. Although these are ‘biennials’, the ornamental value is fairly exhausted by spring. Enjoy these wild looking cabbage and kale as long as the weather remains cool.