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Successful Container Gardening

Successful Container Gardening

Posted by Grange Co-op on 22nd Apr 2020

Thank you to Glenridge Gardens for creating this educational video. Watch the video above to learn the different types of containers you can use, the advantages, the best potting soils for container gardening and also tips on how to care for your container plantings over time.

Looking for something specific? Reference the time indexes below to view additional information on the products featured. Searching for more information? Visit us online at or in store at a Grange Co-op nearest you.

G&B Organics Potting Soil 02:12
G&B Organics Blue Ribbon 02:34
G&B Organics Eden Valley Potting Soil 02:55
G&B Organics Acid Planting Mix 03:37
G&B Organics Palm, Cactus & Citrus Planting Mix 04:00
G&B Organic High Growth Fertilizer 04:55
G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Paradise All Purpose Fertilizer 05:00