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Biochar in Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil

Biochar in Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil

Posted by Grange Co-op on 27th Feb 2022

G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil with BiocharMax™ is made from a proprietary blended formula with BiocharMax™, a soft-wood biochar that provides soil, plant and environmental benefits. This GrangeKnows article highlights Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil and further explains the benefits of using a stable organic matter to enhance the nutrients in soil.

Biochar in Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil


Biochar is an excellent soil amendment created through a process called pyrolysis – the burning of organic material in a high heat, no oxygen environment. The end-result is highly porous charcoal-like material that helps soil hold more water and nutrients.

Trees and plants pull carbon dioxide out of the air. When trees are burned or landfilled, carbon is released as CO 2 back into the atmosphere. However, if trees are instead burned at high temperatures in a low or no oxygen environment (this process is called pyrolysis), CO2 is not released into the atmosphere and the end product is called biochar. This can then be buried to enrich soils, forming a natural carbon sink. Listed below are the soil, plant and environmental benefits seen from implementing plant waste material into soil.

Soil Benefits

  • Increases moisture holding capacity
  • Improves nutrient retention
  • Benefits microbial activity

Plant Benefits

  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Improves pest and disease resistance
  • Benefits root development

Environmental Benefits

  • Isolates carbon
  • Reduces CO2 in the air
  • Alternative to burning or landfill

BIOCHAR: Stable Organic Matter


Biochar is a stable form of organic matter and can resist decay for thousands of years. This makes it a wonderful soil activator, enhancing the nutrients and prolonging the benefits in soil. Organic matter is critical for soil function and soil quality. The biochar in this G&B product was created from soft wood biomass, such as: bark, leaves, pine chips, rice hulls, peanut shells. The end-result retains the pattern of the original plant material but appears black. The biochar material is porous, resistant to decay, and carbon-based, all characteristics well suited to supporting microbial life.

Eden Valley Garden Soil

Biochar is a crucial part to what formulates G&B’s premium product: Eden Valley Blend Garden Soil. This soil blend is perfect for flowers and vegetables. The biochar creates a habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms by reducing leaching and increasing the uptake of critical nutrients. However, other premium ingredients in this soil beneficial for all gardens include: bark fines, peat moss, sand, dehydrated poultry litter, gypsum, soft wood biochar, bat guano & worm castings.

This unique soil mix is blended to provide the perfect gardening foundation. Biochar is a tool gardeners continue to harness to produce crops healthier and larger than anything they’ve ever experienced. If you have further questions about gardening and soils, visit our store and meet one of our Grange Gardening Experts to learn more.

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