Do Not Sell My Information

Grange Co-op does not sell personal information.

For more information, see the pages below:
Privacy Policy
Privacy Statement – California/CCPA

In accordance with the California Consumer Protection Act, the form below is available for customers who live in California.

If you have additional questions, you may contact Customer Service.

  • Please be advised that Grange Co-op does not, and has not sold any personal information in the last 12 (twelve) months. See our Privacy Policy here. Likewise, Grange Co-op does not have any future plans to sell personal information. However, Grange Co-op respects and understands that you may still want to ensure your personal information is not sold. Therefore, if you would still like to proceed with your "do not sell my information" request, we ask that you kindly provide the following information:

  • By submitting this form, I hereby certify that the information entered into this form is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and that I am the consumer who is the subject of the request or have been authorized by that consumer to act on his/her behalf, as indicated above. I understand that it may be necessary to verify the identity of the consumer and/or authorized agent for this request, and additional information may be requested for this purpose.

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