Wild Bee Honey Glass Bear, 8 oz

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This adorable jar makes a great gift - or, just keep it on the table so family and friends can serve hemselves. Made of glass so you can see the honey's quality, the bear jar has a nice wide mouth to easily get the
goodies out. Just over a cup liquid measure. Glass is non-reactive and best for long-term storage of honey. Best of all, it's filled with PURE Wild Bee Honey Farm Honey.

You may find your raw honey has crystallized or "sugared up" after being stored for a while. Not a problem... this shows you have a pure, natural product. To remedy this, place in warm sunshine or a pan of warm (not over 130 degree F) water and it will re-liquefy in a jiffy. Never microwave as this is injurious to the natural living enzymes in the honey.

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