Grange Co-op White City Construction - Live Stream


Thanks to our amazing employees and loyal customers, we are proud to announce Grange Co-op is undergoing construction on an additional property in White City, OR! The new location will feature a larger, updated retail store and include a new Business Office, making it our second-largest retail location.

This new retail space and Business Office will allow Grange Co-op to continue to fulfill our purpose of helping our communities, customers and employees achieve more together. We are excited to better serve the Upper Rogue while continuing to maintain our high standard of service and knowledge.

Grange Co-op would like to thank our Agricultural Members, loyal customers, employees, and Board Members for their continued support and dedication for over 87 years. Because of them, we can continue to grow and support our communities. The store and office are set to open in late-2022. Tune in LIVE to watch the progress of the build, and for more information, visit us online at

Spring 2021

Grange Co-op announced the purchase of property in White City, OR. The new location, at 7700 Crater Lake Highway, will increase space from 9,500 sq ft to over 22,000 sq ft, as well as increasing the nursery from 2,800 sq ft to over 12,500 sq ft.

Summer 2021

Grange Co-op in partnership with Outlier Construction marked the beginning of construction with a groundbreaking ceremony.

Fall 2021

Construction continued as a pad was cut and footings for the foundation were prepared for pouring. 


Winter 2022

Concrete was poured early February to create the building's foundation. Over +725 yards were poured, not including the sidewalks and curbs around the building. With the completion of the foundation, construction continues in preparation for the metal building package to arrive. 


Spring 2022

Great progress is being made as Grange Co-op's Senior Leadership team visited the construction site and signed one of the main beams of the building's steel frame. 


Summer 2022

Construction is in full swing as the interior framing is completed. Progress continues as the exterior siding is hung and the crew begins work on the front sidewalk and outdoor nursery awnings. 



Construction Progress

Summer 2022


Winter 2022