Freightliner Truck/Tender Trailer and International Spreader/Floater Added to Grange Co-op’s Agronomy Fleet

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Grange Co-op is proud to announce we have purchased a Freightliner truck/tender trailer and an International spreader/floater. “We understand the importance of supporting our farming communities and those agricultural members who have helped us succeed for over 85 years,” stated Neil Itzen, Grange Co-op CEO.

Andy Smith, Grange Co-op Fertilizer & Professional Products Manager, recognizes the need our local farmers have for updated, modernized equipment. “This new purchase will help update our current line of fertilizing equipment and allow local farmers access to more technological advantages,” states Smith. “The International spreader/floater has an 8-ton capacity and a 70-foot spread as well as a Raven GPS controller and auto steer attached. Our new Freightliner truck and tender trailer has a 16-ton capacity.”

Grange Co-op customers now have the opportunity to schedule times for fertilizing by a trained Grange Co-op driver. “Now is the perfect time to put the new equipment to use as we move into the spring season. This will simplify older practices in fertilizing that we have used. The new equipment will speed up traditional spreading methods and allow our customers more time for other projects,” states Smith. For more information on utilizing these services for your production, contact Grange Co-op Agronomy at 541-664-3993.

With tremendous vision and a willingness to expand horizons, Grange Co-op has proven to be a cornerstone of the community. Whether it’s supporting 4-H and FFA members or paying out patronage dividends to patrons, Grange Co-op continues to focus on the future by constantly adjusting to meet the needs of today’s customers. Grange Co-op thanks our most valued members for their dedication and support over the last 85 years.

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