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Grange Co-op is committed to participating in the communities we serve. Our focus is to contribute to local youth organizations, civic organizations, and community events/projects that benefit the community at large, specifically ventures that emphasize agriculture, horticulture/gardening, and pets.

A sponsorship, generally, is financial or material support in exchange for recognition. A sponsorship will be reviewed on an individual basis. The provided options will be reviewed, and a level of participation determined. Payment will be sent to the organization address. Other provided benefits will be arranged with the contact person.

Applications are reviewed once a month and remain active for 45 days. Applications must be submitted online. Those submitted in any other electronic or hard copy form will be asked to apply online.

Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we may not be able to notify those we are unable to accommodate. Accepted request will be notified upon approval. Any notifications or other communications will be by email.

Sponsorship Request Form