Safari Shedding Comb for All Breeds of Cats

  • Ideal for long and horn swoggle haired
  • Reduces shedding to keep your cat and home clean
  • Natural contoured wooden handle
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Featuring a contoured wooden handle, the Safari Cat Shedding Comb reduces shedding for long-haired and short haired cats. Smooth, rounded teeth ensure the cat's comfort. The long teeth penetrate deep into the cat's fur lifting the loose hair. The short teeth collect released hair from the upper layers, leaving a clean, soft coat. Be sure to comb areas behind the ears, base of tail, under legs and the abdomen, which can easily mat. For best results, groom long haired cats daily and short haired cats at least once per week.

  • Remove unwanted flying fur and keep your four-legged friend’s coat looking smooth and shiny
  • Features sturdy metal teeth with smooth, rounded tips to prevent irritation of your cat's sensitive skin
  • Long teeth reach deep into your cat's coat to lift loose hair, while the shorter teeth collect the loose hair from the outer layers of fur
  • Regular brushing prevents hairballs and massages the skin to stimulate the production of natural oils for a shiny, healthy coat
  • Recommended for daily use on long-haired cats and weekly use on short-haired cats
  • Smooth, rounded teeth combs for complete grooming
  • Size: One Size
  • Length: 7"
  • Width: 1"


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