Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program

Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program

For nearly half a century, Grange Co-op has been formulating quality feed, contributing to countless livestock champions. Use Rogue Feed throughout your project to qualify for our Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program.* Become a champion at your county fair and Grange Co-op will award you a gift card worth up to $250. This program is open to current 4-H and FFA members up to age 19 in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Lake, Douglas, Del Norte, Curry, Coos, Siskiyou, Modoc, Humboldt, Yuba, Sutter, Butte, Colusa, Nevada, and Placer counties.

The Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program is an opportunity to start your project on the road to success and finish strong with a market animal you can be proud of. Follow the instructions below to qualify.

Rogue Jr. Livestock Application

  • Student must feed Rogue Quality Feed for the duration of their project.
  • Student must exhibit their project within a market class in their spring or summer county fair.
  • Student must achieve Grand Champion Market, Reserve Grand Champion Market, 4-H Champion Market, 4-H Reserve Champion Market, or FFA Champion Market, FFA Reserve Champion Market.
  • Eligible market species include beef, swine, lamb, goat and chicken.
  • Students are eligible to receive one Grange Co-op gift card award per project.
  • Submit Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program Application to Grange Co-op by clicking “SUBMIT” at bottom of form. You will then be redirected to your email server.
  • Along with submitting a complete Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards Program Application, student must also include a scanned photo of their winning animal at the Jr. Livestock Auction (include scanned photo in email).

*By applying for this award, you are authorizing Grange Co-op to use your name, photo and story in future publications and advertisements. All award submissions must be received by September 30th of the year the fair was held.

Rogue Jr. Livestock Awards
Project Grand Champion Reserve Grand Champion 4-H/FFA Market Champion 4-H/FFA Market Reserve Champion
Beef $250.00 $200.00 $175.00 $150.00
Swine $200.00 $150.00 $125.00 $100.00
Lamb $100.00 $75.00 $60.00 $50.00
Goat $100.00 $75.00 $60.00 $50.00
Chicken $75.00 $50.00 $35.00 $25.00

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