Powerfields 1/4" Single-Post Rope Splicer - 4 pk

  • Clamp provides a strong connection with maximum conductivity
  • Splice clamp for joining or repairing rolls of electric rope, braid or polywire
  • R-65 corner pulley
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A splice clamp for joining or repairing rolls of electric rope, braid, or polywire and to terminate the fence line at an end of a run using the R-65 Corner Pulley. This clamp provides a strong connection with maximum conductivity.

  • Size: 1/4"
  • Corner Pulley: R-65 
  • Package: 4 pk

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  1. These worked for me but more pictures would be helpful
    These worked for my needs but more pictures would be helpful. I bought these to splice 1/4" twisted polypropylene rope (non-electric, run of the mill 1/4" twisted pair polypropylene rope). My needs were to butt splice this rope. I was not splicing an electric fence. Here's some 'specifications' that are nowhere to be found on the internet that might be useful to other buyers: These splicers are 1.303" long x .78" wide x 0.64" thick from the bottom of the body to the top of the screw head. The screw head is not as pictured. It is capable of being driven by a flat screw driver and a phillips (star) screw driver. The screw is not 1/4" NC - it is metric! It's a 6mm x 1.00 pitch screw. The back half of the splice 'clamp' is a tapped hole and the screw is roughly 1" long threads and protrudes out the 'back' of the clamp at least 1/2" and has a wingnut on it - maybe that's common knowledge for people familiar with electric fences - but it was a bit of a surprise to me. My purpose did not need the extra bolt length or the wingnut so I cut them shorter so they just barely protruded out the clamp when the clamp was fully clamped. The rope flows 'through' the clamp in a somewhat football shape channel and there are 6 small ribs cast into the channels to 'grip' the rope. At first I hand tightened the screw to about 1.5 ft-lbs (measured with a torque driver) and tested the tension. At this torque, the clamp couldn't fully close around the 1/4" rope (there was a small gap where the clamps came together. The rope began to slip through at 55-60 lbs of tension. I then took two vise grips and pinched the two halves of the clamp completely together (no gap) and then tightened the screw. This produced a much more tight grip on the rope. I tested the tension and was able to pull 120lbs without any sign of rope slippage through the clamp. My application required about 75lbs of tension so I was satisfied with the clamping grip (after using vise grips to really squeeze the clamp together and pinch the rope in the clamp). I wish I could post pictures in this review so you can see what these clamps really look like.


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