Pet Shelter Donations – December 2020

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We’re proud to deliver pallets of pet wipes to the local animal shelters this holiday season. Many pet shelters rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to sustain their programs and provide essential products to care for the pets available for adoption.

Thank you to our customers and community for continuously supporting our GrangeGives initiative. To learn more about this visit us online at:

Below are a few highlights of the shelters we were able to donate to.

pet shelter


SoHumane is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of companion animals. Mae Richardson founded the Humane Society of Jackson County in 1928 as an all-volunteer organization that initially provided services for displaced dogs and horses. SoHumane is a no-kill pet shelter located in Central Point, OR. With more than 90 years of lifesaving efforts investing into the community, Grange Co-op is proud to support their initiatives. Annually SoHumane intakes more than 1500 dogs and cats from the local community and other pet shelters in need. Many of these pets are transferred to SoHumane on their Saving Train, a mobile service that travels throughout the west coast, saving dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized for time or space. With over 500 active volunteers and over 40 who have opened their homes to foster pets, SoHumane has over 42,000 hours of service donated to them.

Jackson County Animal Shelter

pet shelter

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is located in Phoenix, Oregon. The pet shelter responds to calls concerning dangerous and aggressive dogs and animal bites to humans. Helping injured, sick, and neglected pets that have been hit in traffic, poisoned, shot, abandoned, suffering from disease, or starving. They enforce humane regulations for the care and treatment of all animals. The Jackson County Animal’s mission is to protect the safety of the public, promote animal welfare, and encourage the humane treatment of companion animals through service, education, and enforcement.

Josephine County Animal Shelter

The Josephine County Animal Shelter is an open-admissions shelter serving Josephine County, Oregon. Our mission is to protect and promote the welfare and safety of pets and people in our community.  We provide professional and compassionate care to stray animals, surrendered pets, and animals from legal cases.  The pet shelter aims to reunite lost pets with their owners and always have animals looking for new families through adoption.

Klamath Animal Shelter

pet shelter

The Klamath Animal Shelter is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping all stray, abandoned, and abused animals in Klamath County and to controlling the overpopulation of pets through education and spay / neuter programs. Striving to teach principles of kindness and humane treatment by educating the public regarding animal care and the prevention of pet overpopulation. In 1970, a group of citizens that were providing care for community pets in their own homes saw the need for a pet shelter in Klamath County.  Fundraising commenced and the Miller Island Road facility was completed in 1982.  From that point on, housing and care for all pets in need was provided, including Klamath County stray dogs; dogs held under court order, and other abandoned and abused domestic animals and livestock.  By 2005 the Miller Island facility had become too small to meet the growing needs of Klamath County pets and once again a group of volunteers commenced fundraising for a new animal shelter. The citizens of Klamath County donated over a million dollars in cash and along with donations of land, materials, and labor, the new debt-free animal shelter and pet adoption center opened April 30, 2012.  The new shelter was designed for the care and comfort of community pets in need and includes dedicated areas for animal intake, adoption, separate medical treatment and quarantine areas, pet visitation rooms, covered outside exercise yards, a grooming area, and an education room.  The 7-year journey (2005 through 2012) was an incredible one that resulted in a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art animal shelter that is one of the best in the country.  Because of the community’s generosity, the dream of a new animal shelter became a reality.

pet shelter

Yuba City K9 Officers Association

The Yuba City K9 Officers Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting the needs of active and retired law enforcement K9 officers.  Located in Marysville, CA, the Yuba City K9 Officers Association provides care and equipment to the Yuba County K9 teams. Donations received ensures the safety of their officers both those on and off duty. Grange Co-op is proud to support these initiatives.

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