The Value of Organic Manures

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Thank you to Glenridge Garden for their tips and educational video discussing the value of organic manures. This video includes: the value of organic composted manures to grow healthy, beautiful flowers and productive vegetable gardens, the different organic manures available, their best use in the yard, and when to apply for best results.


Great for in-ground planting, amending, side dressing & top dressing. Mix G&B Organics Composted Chicken Manure with your native soil to add fertility to the soil. This premium, all-purpose organic mix is perfect for top dressing or side dressing your plants to give them an added boost of nitrogen for more full, lush growth. G&B Organics Composted Chicken Manure is a fully composted chicken manure and will not burn your plants. Your plants will “cluck” with delight!

Ideal for outdoor gardening wherever rich, high-yielding soil is needed. G&B Organics Farmyard Blend features a combination of blended manures to mix with your native soil to create a rich, organic soil bed perfect for your garden. This blend enhances soil fertility at the time of planting, giving your plants a strong start for full, lush growth. The manures used in G&B Organics Farmyard Blend have been fully composted, eliminating any odor or the potential for weed seeds to germinate. Put the “farm” in your garden with G&B Organics Farmyard Blend.

Ideal for improving garden soil for plants, flowers, vegetables, trees and lawns. Worm castings, also known as vermicompost or vermicastings, are created when organic matter passes through the digestive system of earthworms. The earthworm’s special digestive process transforms organic material into a fantastic soil supplement that plants simply love. Combine G&B Organics Worm-Gro with your native soil or use it as an effective “worm tea” to fertilize a variety of plants, flowers, vegetables and even lawns. By mixing Worm-Gro into your soil at the drip line, you’ll be helping your plants resist disease and pests while increasing beneficial microbe activity that creates a great soil environment in-ground or in-containers.

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