Opus Grows Mix No 1 All Purpose Bulk Soil

  • Biologically-enhanced soil
  • US Composting Council seal of testing assurance
  • It helps your plants establish and maintain a savory environment
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Opus Grows Mix #1 is a biologically-enhanced soil with Mycorrhizae and a shot of cultured compost Bio-Tope. This Opus mix helps your plants establish and maintain a savory environment for healthy microbial populations.

Key Ingredients

Coir - The brown fibrous particles in your potting mix – is a renewable by-product of coconut husks and a great natural soil amendment that retains nutrients, prevents leaching, and prolongs plant health by encouraging larger, healthier roots. Coir's neutral pH level (5.5-6.5) is ideal for a wide range of plants. Coir aerates and improves soil drainage, but also prevents soil from drying out too quickly by retaining water in its fibers. Mix the coir with the more acidic peat moss to extend the life of the compost.

Full List - Coconut coir fiber, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, perlite, organic compost, aged bark fines, worm castings, wood biochar, diatomaceous earth, natural limestone (for pH adjustment), fishbone meal, bat guano, feather meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, shrimp meal, humic acid (derived from leonardite), basalt rock dust, and kelp meal. It also contains the non-plant food ingredient mycorrhizae.


Opus Grows is ready to go and super easy to use. Just add a little water and sunshine! After a few weeks of plant growth, it is best to add recommended nutrients for your particular plant's growth stage. Always follow the water, fertilizer, and light requirements of your individual plant, and make adjustments for your particular growing conditions and needs. Got leftover Opus? Time to get creative. See what you can get growing! Top off a house plant or grab a container and some seeds and get going.

  • Certifications: US Composting Council


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