Northwest Mare & Foal Concentrate - 50 lb

  • Zinpro performance minerals
  • 100% Selenium from selenium yeast
  • Economically efficient with over 40 years of proven results
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Formulated and proven #1 in the Northwest for Broodmares, Foals, and Senior Horses.

Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate is a highly digestible source of energy, protein, macro minerals, micro minerals, and vitamins. It is designed for feeding the pregnant and/or nursing mare and is an excellent foal creep. Feed to foals until 18 months old and then follow with Northwest Horse Supplement for a lifetime of specialized care that allows your horses to reach their full genetic potential.

Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate are essential to the production of attractive foals that will grow into horses with high-performance capabilities.

Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate provide a degree of nutritional technology for your horse breeding operation that isn't available in any other source. Northwest Mare and Foal Concentrate are also appropriate for the feeding of stallions that are over 15 years old. The added nutrition will prolong the sexual vitality of aged stallions. This is also an excellent source of nutrients for SENIOR HORSES.

Broodmares in Foal and Lactating

Gestating and lactating mares have high nutritional demands placed on their bodies. Without proper feed, the mare's body will be depleted of her essential nutrients in order to care for the needs of the foal. If this situation is prolonged, both mare and foal will show poor condition and compromised health. Northwest Mare & Foal Concentrate is specifically formulated to meet the high nutritional demands of a producing mare.

Foals to 18 Months

This time of intense growth calls for intense nutrient support. Keeping your foal's nutrition-balanced is paramount to ensuring they will reach their top genetic potential. Feeding Northwest Mare & Foal has been proven to produce dense bone, soft tissue integrity, and strong immune systems.

Aged Stallions 15+

Feeding Northwest Mare & Foal to your aging stallion will assist in his maintenance of a sound and strong physical body, support the vitality of his semen and strengthen his immune system.

Senior Horses

As horses age, their ability to digest and absorb nutrients is reduced, thus a high level of nutrition aids in maintaining weight and health during this period of their life. Northwest Mare & Foal is a highly digestible, nutrient-dense way to ensure your aging horse retains a high level of health without the high sugar contents typical of senior feeds.

Directions for Feeding

A 3 lb coffee can holds 4 lb of NORTHWEST MARE AND FOAL CONCENTRATE and has about the same energy for horses as 5 lb of 32lb/bu oats.

  • Mares - Feed at the pounds per head per day shown in the chart below. Use additional grains, if any, to maintain the desired condition of the mare. Be sure that the mare’s diet contains at least 60% good quality hay and/or pasture (on a dry basis)
  • Nursing Foals - Provide on a free-choice basis with good quality hay and/or pasture in a creep OR allow to eat NORTHWEST MARE & FOAL CONCENTRATE with the mare. Be sure to provide the quantity shown above for the mare plus the amount being consumed by the foal
  • Newly Weaned Foals - Provide free-choice for 2 weeks post-weaning make sure that at least 40% of the foal's total diet is good quality roughage
  • Foals To 18 Months - Feed 4 lb per head per day plus sufficient grain for the desired growth make sure that at least 50% of the foal's diet is good quality roughage
  • Senior Horses - (Over 20 years of age) Feed at a rate of 3-5 lb per head per day with excellent quality hay or forage
List of Ingredients

Ground barley, Cane molasses, Soybean meal, Rice bran, Choline chloride, Manganese amino acid complex, Zinc amino acid complex, Calcium carbonate, Monodicalcium phosphate, Salt, Selenium yeast, Zinc oxide, Canola oil, Manganous oxide, Mineral oil, Iron sulfate, Copper amino acid complex, Vitamin E oil, Copper chloride, Cobalt glucoheptonate, Vitamin A, Thiamine, Calcium pantothenate, Ethylene diamine dihydrocodeine (a source of Iodine), Riboflavin, Vitamin D3, Cobalt sulfate, Vitamin B12.

Guaranteed Analysis
  • CRUDE PROTEIN (min): 16.00%/lb
  • CRUD FAT (min): 1.80%/lb
  • CRUDE FIBER (max): 6.00%/lb
  • ASH  (max): 12.50%/lb
  • CALCIUM (min): 1.30%/lb
  • PHOSPHORUS (min): 0.80%/lb
  • POTASSIUM (min): 0.75%/lb
  • SALT (min): 1.00%/lb
  • SALT (max): 1.50%/lb
  • VITAMIN A (min): 6,000IU/lb
  • VITAMIN D3 (min): 2,500IU/lb
  • NATURAL VITAMIN E (min): 38 IU/lb
  • CALCIUM (max): 1.60%/lb
  • MAGNESIUM  (min): 0.20 %/lb
  • RIBOFLAVIN (min): 4.50 mg/lb
  • PANTOTHENIC ACID (min): 7.00 mg/lb
  • THIAMINE (min): 8.00 mg/lb
  • CHOLINE CHLORIDE (min): 650.00 mg/lb
  • IRON (min): 55.00 ppm
  • ZINC (min): 330.00 ppm
  • IODINE (min): 1.00 ppm
  • COPPER (min): 50.00 ppm
  • COBALT (min): 2.20 ppm
  • VITAMIN B 12 (min): 0.02 ppm
  • SELENIUM (min): 0.99 ppm
  • MANGANESE (min): 240ppm
  • Size: 50 lb


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