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Montana Silver has long been synonymous with the American West; a history forged in the early days of prospecting and the silver claims that created fortunes. This heritage is honored each and every day at Montana Silversmiths® in the Montana-designed, engraved and produced Western buckles and jewelry. Since 1973 Montana Silversmiths has been creating silver and silver plated products of exceptional quality and beauty; our very core founded on the richness of western heritage.

Come to your favorite Grange Co-op and see our Montana Silversmith's popular collections.
Carved Legacy, translates the classic details of authentic Western engraved buckles into exquisitely detailed treasures that you can wear. Take a little piece of Montana home with you today!
Western heritage, a variety of new jewelry in carved reliefs, like a classic painting, as well as sculpted and engraved blooms with such detail they pop out and strike beauty into the beholder.

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