Little Giant Deluxe Incubator with Egg Turner

  • Automatic Egg Turner included
  • Made of durable, warmth-retaining styrofoam
  • Built-in fan circulates warm air to maintain proper temperature
  • LCD display with LED light shows accurate readings instantly
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Sets the standard for incubating and hatching eggs, with updated digital technology. Built-in fan constantly circulates the air to maintain a proper temperature throughout the incubator, eliminating harmful hot and cold spots. Durable styrofoam retains warmth, generated by a gentle heating element controlled by a highly dependable, digital control board. The LCD display with LED light shows accurate temperature and humidity readings instantly. The self-regulating control board adjusts the temperature to suit varying environments. The built-in digital hydrometer and moisture channels help maintain humidity, a key factor in egg health. Plastic mesh screen safely supports eggs during hatch period and is also dishwasher safe. Two 4" by 8" viewing windows allow for monitoring the hatching process and are great for educational purposes. Holds 41 large chicken eggs when used with the Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner, which is included with this incubator. This product is intended for general poultry hobbyists and is not recommended for professional or commercial use or for incubating exotic birds or reptiles.

  • Automatic Egg Turner included
  • Made of durable, warmth-retaining styrofoam
  • Digital control board for easy temperature setting, self-regulating temperature control
  • Built-in fan circulates warm air to maintain proper temperature
Tips for Getting Started with Your Incubator
Check Your Sensor

When setting up your Little Giant incubator it is very important to make sure all cables are securely connected as it is possible they could become loose. Also be sure to make sure the sensor on the lid of your unit is hanging freely and not caught in any other cables. The sensor can only measure the temperature and humidity at its specific location in the unit, so it is important that it hangs freely and is not tangled up in a higher location. Temperatures can vary inside your unit depending on the height and distance from the center.

Secondary Thermometer

For best results, use a trusted calibrated second thermometer in addition to the one built into your Little Giant unit. There are combination units available that will measure both temperature and humidity. If a combination hygrometer/thermometer is unavailable in your area, a common household medical thermometer will work just fine. Place your secondary thermometer at egg height in the middle of either window. The second thermometer will help to give you a more accurate view of the temperatures at egg level in your unit.

Check Your Humidity

Humidity levels are an important part of a successful hatch. The hygrometer that comes with your incubator is at its best accuracy when the humidity is 60-80% and not accurate when the incubator is dried out.  Humidity readings will likely not be accurate until water is added to the channels and even then it may take an hour or longer for the hygrometer to settle out and start accurately reading. Humidity will vary depending on the weather and temp in their area as well in the room where the unit is being placed.

In addition to observing humidity percentage, also be sure to look out for the formation of condensation within the housing. If the windows are completely fogged over or completely covered in condensation, your humidity levels may be too high.  Some condensation on the windows can be expected during the lockdown period before hatching where the humidity in the unit is typically increased.

Check water channels daily, adding lukewarm water as needed. If the room where your incubator is placed is already humid, you may not need to add water as frequently than if your incubator is in a dry climate.

When adding water, use a clean turkey baster. Lift the lid and slide it far enough to allow a baster to fit between the lid and base.

  • Color: White
  • Material: Styrofoam
  • Window Size: 4" X 8"

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