Liberty Safe Power Electrical Outlet Kit

  • USB and CAT-5 ethernet ports
  • Three 110V outlets
  • 6' power cord
  • Convenient 90° angles
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Liberty Safe was built after April 2007 (and has one of the three templates shown in Figure 1 below), Can upgrade the safe with Liberty's new Safe Power Outlet Kit. Those safes already installed with the previous version outlet kit (Franklins, FATBOYS, Lincolns, Presidentials, and Nationals) can be retrofitted with this new outlet kit.

This new multi-functional outlet kit allows you to plug-in electrical devices such as dehumidifiers, hard drives, laptops, watch winders, lights, etc. The Liberty Safe Outlet Kit includes USB and CAT-5 Ethernet ports, along with three 110V outlets. It includes a pass-through hole for Liberty's Safelert monitoring device's antenna. The gun-safe electrical outlet kit is easy to install and can be adjusted to the various thicknesses found in Liberty's fire safes. It includes 6' power cord with convenient 90° angles for easier wall plug-in and tight spaces.


To install, safe must be moved from the wall or closet. If there was not an outlet kit already installed, it will add 1-1/4" to the depth of your safe. This may require re-drilling the lag bolts in the floor if utilized. You may also contact your local Liberty dealer, who can install this new electrical outlet kit for an additional fee.

  • Volt: 110V
  • Power Cord: 6'



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