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XP Series - Backpack sprayers are ultra-comfortable and lightweight professional-grade sprayers. Jacto’s XP range was born from the tradition of serving the needs of farmers in some of the most forbidding environments in the world. Jacto's robust XP models require less pumping to achieve maximum operating pressure than just about any other sprayer you can find and just 8 pumps for 45 psi. The Jacto XP is an easy-pumping, high-pressure marvel of engineering! Designed for a minimum 1000 h service life, the factory destruction test exceeded 4000 continuous hours of operation. Plus the unique in-line cylinder attachment means less wear on the Santoprene piston cup for extra-long service life before maintenance is needed. Even the shape of the Jacto tank is purpose-designed, not only for comfort and durability but also to retain less liquid on the walls and to empty almost entirely. You can pump the Jacto XP sprayer until it’s almost dry – less wasted chemical than with competitive products. Choose from 3 gal XP-312 (12 L) or 4 gal XP-416 (16 L) models in two color schemes, white/orange tanks or blue/orange.

  • Color: White/Orange
  • Tank Material: UV Resistant Polypropylene
  • Tank Filling Opening Diameter: 3-9/10"
  • Pump Capacity: 21 oz (620 ml)
  • Pump Material: Plastic
  • Pump Agitator: Hydraulic agitation system
  • Pump Type: Piston
  • Pump Piston Cup: Santoprene
  • Length: 14-4/5"
  • Height: 21-4/5"
  • Hose Length: 53-1/10"
  • Spray Lance Length: 23-3/5"

XP 312

  • Width: 5-3/5"
  • Weight: 7.7 lb

XP 416

  • Width: 6-1/2"
  • Weight: 7.9 lb

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