Ideal Poultry Welsummer Pullet

  • Standard chicks
  • Dual purpose
  • Single comb type
  • Clean leg style
  • Hardy cold tolerance
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Welsummer chicks are dark brown with light red streaks down the back. The head, chest and abdomen are light red. They have a single comb and clean, yellow legs and feet. Adult males have rich golden-brown head, neck and saddle plumage. The back, wing fronts and wing bows is reddish-brown. The main tail, sickles and wing coverts are greenish-black forming a wing bar when the wing is folded. The breast, body, fluff and thigh plumage are black with red mottling. Adult females have a golden-brown head, while the hackle feathers are golden brown. The back and wing bows are reddish-brown stippled with black, and the wing coverts are chestnut brown. The main tail feathers are black with the coverts being edged with brown. The thigh, breast and front of neck plumage is chestnut red while the body and fluff plumage is brown with gray shading.

  • Type: Standard Chicks
  • Purpose: Dual
  • Comb Type: Single
  • Egg Color: Dark Brown
  • Egg Size: Large
  • Rate of Lay: 208/Year
  • Broodiness: Yes
  • Temperament: Not Docile
  • Leg Style: Clean
  • Heat Tolerance: Tolerates Well
  • Cold Tolerance: Hardy
  • Mature Male Weight: 6 lb
  • Mature Female Weight: 4.5 lb
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