Ideal Poultry Straight Runs Cornish Cross/Rock Meat Bird

  • Standard chicks
  • Single comb type
  • Clean leg style
  • Hardy cold tolerance
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Cornish Rocks were developed in the 1950s from a cross between Cornish and White Plymouth Rocks for white plumage and efficient meat production. Cornish Rock chicks are light yellow in color with clean yellow feet and legs and a single comb. All the adult plumage is white, though some birds may have a few black specks. If fed properly, Cornish Rocks are very efficient producers of breast meat.

  • Type: Standard Chicks
  • Purpose: Meat
  • Comb Type: Single
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Egg Size: Extra Large
  • Rate of Lay: 100/Year
  • Broodiness: Yes
  • Temperament: Not Docile
  • Leg Style: Clean
  • Heat Tolerance: Not Especially
  • Cold Tolerance: Hardy
  • Mature Male Weight: 10 lb
  • Mature Female Weight: 7.5 lb
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