Fertilome MoleGo Granules - 10 lb

  • Burrowing animal repellent
  • Protect new plantings from burrowing pests
  • For year-round control, apply in spring, summer, and fall
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Can be used in other areas such as ornamental turf, golf courses, and athletic fields.

Repels Moles, Gophers, Armadillos, Ground Hogs & other burrowing animals from your lawn.

Apply immediately after the presence of Moles is detected or in early spring, mid-summer, and early fall.

  • Size: 10 lb
  • Type: Granular
  • Application: Lawns
  • Formulation: 10% Castor Oil (USP)
  • Coverage: Covers 5,000 Sq. Ft.


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