Exotic Nutrition Instant High Protein Glider Food - 8 oz

  • Mix with water for a quick and easy fresh diet
  • Yucca extract acts as a natural pet deodorizer
  • Serve fresh or freeze into individual servings
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Exotic Nutrition's Instant-HPW Original (Vanilla Bean flavor) was formulated to be a nutritious diet for pet sugar gliders. Wholesome natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, and whey protein are blended with essential vitamins and minerals into an easy-to-mix powder. Simply add water, mix, and offer to your pet. Instant-HPW contains the recommended nutrition necessary for proper growth and development of pet sugar gliders.

  • Nutritious diet for pet sugar gliders, with delicious vanilla bean
  • Mix with water for a quick and easy fresh diet
  • Yucca extract acts as a natural pet deodorizer
  • Serve fresh or freeze into individual servings

Dried powdered whole eggs, whey protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, dried powdered honey, maltodextrin, dextrose, gum arabic, guar gum, flax seeds, powdered bee pollen, calcium carbonate, taurine, lysine, natural flavorings and more. Full ingredient list found on packaging.

Guaranteed Analysis
  • Crude protein (min) 39.00%
  • Crude fat (max): 13.00%
  • Crude fiber (max): 6.00%
  • Moisture (max): 10.00%
  • Calcium (min): 0.80%
  • Calcium (max): 1.00%
  • Phosphorus (min): 0.40%
  • Selenium (min): 0.017 ppm
  • Vitamin A (min): 1.60 kiu/lb

Made with zoopro high protein supplement, not paswell's wombaroo high protein supplement.

Mixing & Serving Instructions

Mix the Instant-HPW powder with water to form a fresh diet for your pet sugar gliders. Mix at a 1:2 ratio of HPW powder to water. For example, 1 tbsp of Instant-HPW powder with 2 tbsp of water. Serve in the evenings when your gliders are waking up. Remove any uneaten fresh foods from the cage in the morning, after about 12 hr.

Sugar gliders are gummivores and feed on eucalyptus sap, acacia gum, and nectars in the wild. Add more water to your Instant-HPW to create a thinner "nectar" consistency or add less water to create a thicker "sap" consistency. You can mix and serve the HPW fresh or store the mixture in the refrigerator (up to 7 days), or in the freezer (up to 6 months). When freezing the mixture, we recommend using ice trays for individual serving sizes. Simply remove one HPW cube (per two gliders) from the freezer and thaw before serving.

Feeding Instructions

Offer approximately ½ tbsp of Instant-HPW (blended) along with 1 tbsp nutritional pellet such as Glider Complete or kibble such as Glider Essentials and 1 tbsp of Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate fruits & veggies (per glider each day). Adjust the amount to ensure your pet's optimum body weight. Always provide multiple sources of bottled drinking water in your sugar gliders cage.

Sugar Gliders thrive with variety in their diet. Instant-HPW is best served with Glider Complete or Glider Essentials and Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate. This diet can be varied by offering Gummivore-fare, Gliderade, Berries & Bugs, or other supplemental foods. Glider-Cal and Glider Booster should be used when feeding supplemental foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Storage Instructions

Store the Instant-HPW powder sealed in a cool, dry place. If storing for longer than 8 weeks, refrigeration is strongly suggested. Adhere to the expiration date printed on the bag.

  • Size: 8 oz
  • Certification: USDA


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