CyLence Pour-On Insecticide

  • For beef and dairy cattle
  • Used to aid in the control of horn flies, face flies, etc.,
  • Contains 1% Cyfluthrin
  • Ready-to-use pour-on formula
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CyLence Pour-On Insecticide for beef and dairy cattle is used to aid in the control of horn flies, face flies, biting and sucking lice.

Contains 1% Cyfluthrin in a ready-to-use pour-on formula. For use on beef and dairy cattle of any age. (Pour-On-Gun sold separately.) For use on cattle of any age, size, or breed, including lactating cattle. Can be applied indoors to animals housed in barns or dairy parlors.

Pint (16 oz) treats 40 cows for flies or 20 cows for lice. One treatment lasts for up to 3 weeks. Can be used at any time of year, including during cold weather.



CyLence Is Safe for
  • Beef cattle
  • Lactating dairy cattle
Used to Aid in the Control of
  • Horn flies
  • Face flies
  • Biting and sucking lice
Directions for Use

Apply 4ml per 400 lb for horn & face flies; 8ml per 400 lb for lice.


No meat or milk withdrawal.

  • Form: Liquid
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