Bickmore 100% Pure Pine Tar - 32 oz.

  • Equine relief
  • Wide range of uses
  • Help retain hoof moisture
  • Combats fungicidal & bacterial infections
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  • Equine Relief - Soothing treatment for quarter cracks, split hooves, hard frogs and many other types of hoof problems
  • Help Retain Hoof Moisture - Bickmore Pine Tar aids in making the hoof elastic, flexible, and promotes the development of new hoof growth
  • Combats Fungicidal & Bacterial Infections - Pine tar is a natural topical antiseptic and helps in the prevention and treatment of nasty equine infections
  • Wide Range of Uses - Perfect product for outdoor wood treatment and varnishing, rope sealant, baseball bats, and many other items

Wash and dry hoof. Apply below the coronet band of the hoof and hoof wall. As a hoof pack, apply to the bottom of the hoof prior to shoeing. Not For Human Use! For Use On Non-food Animals Only!

  • Size: 32 oz


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