Bekaert Standard Strength Barbed Wire - 4 Point

  • Easier to work
  • Made from steel rod
  • Prone to elongation
  • Classic barbed wire 12.5 ga
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The lower carbon content of Low Carbon 12.5 ga Classic Barbed Wire (0.06-0.08% versus 0.28% on high tensile products) means the wire is more pliable and easier to work with. However, pliability means it can be prone to sagging and elongation, it requires periodic tensioning and maintenance.

  • Made from steel rod with an approximate 0.06-0.08% carbon content
  • Low carbon wire can be easy to work with but it is prone to elongation
  • Barb Type: 4 Point
  • Coating: Class 1
  • Spacing: 5"
  • Wire Diameter: 12.5 ga
  • Reel Length: 1320'
  • Weight: 88 lb 


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