Bekaert 2" Double Barbed Fence Staples - 8 lb

  • Maintain fastening and provide easy driving
  • Have sharp right-hand cut tips
  • Bezinal coated wire 8 ga
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Double Barb Fence Staples are made from premium 8 ga Bezinal coated wire. These double barbed fence staples maintain fastening and provide easy driving. These wire fence staples come in an 8 lb. Weatherproof bucket for safe containing.

  • Double barbs to hold securely in the post
  • Have sharp right hand cut tips for easy driving
  • Size: 2"
  • Coating: Bezinal
  • Animal Compatibility: Cattle, Bison, Horses, Llama, Sheep, Goats, Pigs 
  • Wire Diameter: 8 ga
  • Weight: 8 lb


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