Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs - 6 pk

  • Starts working immediately
  • Provides up to 64 days of protection
  • Each bomb treats up to 1,500 gal of water
  • No unsightly floating debris
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Prevent developing mosquitoes from becoming breeding, biting adults with Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Bombs. Each bomb works for up to 64 days, and the six-pack provides up to 1 Year of mosquito control. This product can be used around people and pets in water sites including birdbaths, fish ponds, animal watering troughs, rain barrels and more. This powerful product uses the same ingredient used by public health and mosquito control agencies for over 30 Year. Compared to Amdro Quick Kill Mosquito Pellets, Mosquito Bombs are intended for larger water sites.

  • Starts working immediately and provides up to 64 days of protection
  • Each bomb treats up to 1,500 gal of water
  • Can be used in water containing aquatic life, fish and plants
  • No unsightly floating debris
What it Controls


When to Use

For best results, apply before the beginning of the mosquito season.

Where to Use

Water sites around your home like water gardens, rain barrels, ornamental fountains or any other water-holding container.

How to Use

Simply place this product in standing water sites where mosquitoes may breed.

  • Form: Bomb
  • Treats Upto: 1,500 gal
  • Package: 6 pk


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