ADM Grostrong Mineral Horse Feed Supplement - 25 lb

  • 16.7% calcium/8% phosphorus
  • 1-3 oz daily feeding rate
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Horse feed supplement that provides the necessary minerals and vitamins to complement forages and grains. Enables horses to reach performance potential. The balanced, scientifically formulated complex of 28 minerals, vitamins, naturally sourced vitamin E, and biotin, along with electrolytes.

A vitamin-mineral supplement for all classes of horses.

  • 100+ years of history backing unsurpassed formulation expertise and leading-edge technology supporting GROSTRONG Minerals
  • Complete mineral-vitamin package of 28 minerals, vitamins (including natural-source vitamin E), electrolytes (including salt) in appropriate ratios and amounts specifically formulated for horses
  • 16.7% calcium/8% phosphorus 
  • 1-3 oz daily feeding rate
  • Granular and block forms – Granular forms can be fed free-choice, mixed in feed or top-dressed; block forms are handy for free-choice feeding
  • Purpose: Minerals
  • Size: 25 lb


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