Arrow Fastener T25 Steel Staple - 9/16"

  • Made under strict quality
  • T25 staple
  • Round crown design
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T25 staples feature a round crown design that secures wires without damaging them. The leading choice for low voltage wire applications, the T25 staple is an absolute boss when installing garage door openers, thermostat wire, doorbell wire, alarm systems, and much more. Also works great on computers, CAT5/CAT6. RG6/RG9, COAX, and phone cables. All Arrow T25 staples are made under strict quality controls.

  • Compatible Tools - T25
Base Material
  • Hard - Oak, Plywood, MDF
  • Soft - Pine, Douglas Fir, Foam
Fastened Material
  • Thin - Paper, Wraps, Fabric
  • Thick - Foam, Pads, Batting, Carpet
  • Length: 9/16"
  • Series: T25
  • Material: Steel
  • Crown Type: Round Crown
  • Package: 1000 pk


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